Boost Your Skills

Fine-tune your education with a precise curriculum that will prepare you to enter or advance in your field:

Professional Certificates

  • highest level of academic achievement offered by UC Berkeley Extension
  • minimum of 140 hours of coursework
  • usually 6-8 required courses and electives
  • achieve intellectual mastery and technical expertise in your chosen field
  • qualifies as an academic credential, which may be included on a résumé

Professional Programs

  • focused subject concentrations
  • usually 3 or more coordinated courses
  • develop a skill set within a specific area or discipline
  • can carry continuing education units (CEU) or other professional licensure credits

Teaching Credentials

  • take a credential program if you want to enter the teaching profession in the areas of adult or vocational education

Boot Camps

  • skilled instructors with three years minimum in the field
  • dynamic learning experience with face-to-face interaction
  • first-hand technical experience and collaborate in teams on a host of real-world problems
  • job hunting support throughout and beyond the length of the course

Student Success Stories

Image of judge's gavel to the right of words such as family law and domestic violence on a purple background

A Promotion and Pay Raise

The nonprofit’s dedication to empowering survivors of violence remains strong—and helping the cause is Heather Anderson. She began working at Live Violence Free as a legal advocate, discussing... continue reading A Promotion and Pay Raise

Image of Shay Skilling inset into background image of a calculator

Successful Career Change to Accounting

There’s an expectation that when you graduate college, you’re going to pursue a riveting career in your chosen major. But for some, a passion in college doesn’t translate to a passion in the... continue reading Successful Career Change to Accounting

Members of the PFP Career Night panel gather together for a group photo

Event Recap: 2018 Personal Financial Planning Career Night

On Wednesday, November 28, current students and those interested in our Certificate Program in Personal Financial Planning came to our San Francisco campus to hear how our esteemed panelists—many... continue reading Event Recap: 2018 Personal Financial Planning Career Night

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Latest Voices Blog Posts

Writing instructor and poet Clive Matson standing in the front of a classroom at UC Berkeley Extension in San Francisco

Let Your Crazy Child Run Free

When you take published poet Clive Matson’s Exploring Creative Writing course, you get an opportunity to experiment and discover your writing potential in a safe and supportive learning... continue reading Let Your Crazy Child Run Free

Photo of people holding blue pieces of a puzzle

Agile Product Owner Defined

An Agile Product Owner is a key role in today’s world. What once was solely in the domain of software development, this position is now an integral part of many businesses and functions across... continue reading Agile Product Owner Defined

Woman sitting at kitchen table looking at laptop working on financial reports

Behavioral Finance and You

Do you ever wonder why you treat money in a savings account differently than the funds in your checking account?

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